Friday, 18 October 2013

MeasureFest: 5 top quotes on analytics and measuring your digital marketing

5 top quotes from yesterday's MeasureFest conference on analytics, marketing measurement and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

1. Dogfooding

"You should be dogfooding. You need to start using your own website so you experience what your customers do. If you haven't used your site to the same extent as your users, how can you expect to optimise it? You need to spend your own money and go through the same thought processes as your users."
Stephen Pavlovich of Conversion Factory, an agency with clients such as easyJet and

2. Ask 'So what?' 3 times in a row

"If someone says 'We've put all our effort into driving 10,000 more Likes', ask 'So what?' In fact, keep asking it  - 3 times in a row - until you get somewhere. We've got to start talking about outcomes."
Philip Sheldrake, spokesman for the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), a trade body for PR and digital marketers. 

 3. Germish and Franglais

"Many of your customers have already adapted to the anglophone web and use hybrid phrases. For example, in Italy people search for low cost flights with the phrase 'voli low cost' instead of 'voli economici'."
 Joe Doveton of GlobalMaxer, whose tool tests multiple versions of a website.

4. Cross-device purchase paths play havoc

"A single user might browse a website en route to work, compare prices on their work PC then make a purchase that evening on their home laptop. Google Analytics sees that as 3 different users. Google's Universal analytics will help tie together a user's interactions but it depends on people identifying themselves in some way."
Dara Fitzgerald, head of insight at Fresh Egg, a digital marketing agency.

5 . Mobile personas

"Identify your mobile personas, as they may have different goals to your desktop users. An example might be 'I'm in a taxi on my way to a party or to hospital to visit someone and I can't pick up flowers so I need a delivery now.' So for mobile customers you'd highlight express deals." 
Stephen Pavlovich of Conversion Factory, an agency with clients such as easyJet and

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